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A book review site with a difference. We don't discuss badly received books. The novels we host have ALL been deemed brilliant, through honest and unbiased reviews from the best in the business.

Best Books Of All Time

Now surely, by the very nature of individuality, our 'best books of all time' will be different to yours. It's most definitely different than my mother’s: the only book she ever made it through unscathed was 'Fifty Shades of Grey' (which you most definitely will not find on here, unless I dedicate a section to the 'worst books of all time'). So how did we compile our list? Here are some methods we didn't use...

1. We did not consult The World Library. (I mean come on, a list of 'best books' compiled by authors?)
2. We did not consult The Guardian (They've had the same 100 books on their list for roughly, the past two hundred years or so).
3. We did not go by sales (I find many books are sold purely on the merit of an author's name, and the amount of 'purchases' a particular book receives does not, in my opinion, automatically make it a 'great' book ;). An example of this would be Stephen King. His early stuff was great. Legendary. Enjoyable. However, anything written by him within the last decade or so is better placed inside my log fire as opposed to my book shelf.
We would like to note here that many books that have been successful wholeheartedly deserve their success*

What we did do....
1. Read, read, and read some more. I've been chewing up books and spitting them out at the rate of three to five a week for the last twenty years.
2. Explore all genres. Yep. We tend to naturally shy away from sci-fi, young-adult, and romance. But we'll most certainly give them a read. Nothing is off limits.
3. Disregard others' reviews. I read books with no expectations, no preconceptions, and under no external influences.